Data Certification Program - Compliance

IDEA’s Data Certification Program is designed to measure the item-level completeness and quality of data available within the IDW.

The program focuses on 43 critical data fields in the IDW that contain the transactional and descriptive product information distributors need to conduct business and sell manufacturers’ products (e.g. brand, packaging, price effective date, etc.). An item is compliant if its critical fields are fully-populated. The content within the compliant items’ critical fields will then go through quarterly programmatic and visual quality checks to ensure consistency and accuracy.

The manufacturers below are IDW for Manufacturer subscribers (Premium Content) recognized for achieving 95 percent compliance or higher for the items they have in the IDW.


*Pending programming changes in the IDW. Please contact your Data Management Specialist for more information.

Are My Items Compliant?

Contact your Data Management Specialist at IDEA to find out where your data stands and how to achieve 95% compliance or higher.

Learn more about the Data Certification Program here.


95% or Higher Achieved

More Manufacturers
NSI Industries
Panasonic Eco Products
Philips Advance
Philips Lighting - Canada
Platinum Tools
Rockwell Automation
Ronk Electrical Industries, Inc.
Satco Lighting
Schneider Electric
Stanpro Lighting
T&B Canada
T&B Corporate
TCP Lighting
Topaz Electrical Products
TPI Corporation
Universal Lighting Technologies
Wheatland Tube Company - Picoma Industries
Wheatland Tube Company - Wheatland Tube Company
Specified Technologies Inc.