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As the joint venture brainchild of NAED and NEMA, we continue to set the standards within the electrical supply chain. Our applications, tools and services now extend across a broad range of industries including electrical, industrial, retail and consumer-packaged goods. Watch IDEA’s 10 Year Anniversary video to find out how it all got started.



The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) form a joint venture corporation, Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA), as a not-for-profit company to establish industry standards to facilitate eCommerce and solve problems in the supply chain.



IDEA's certification of incorporation in Delaware is amended to reflect its status as a for-profit company. Our official name is changed to Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA), and the IDEA Board of Directors appoint Michael Rioux as first full-time President.


IDEA’s case study is recorded in the 2000 Computerworld Smithsonian Program and Collection as an example of the revolutionary change at the commencement of a new century. View the study


IDEA holds the first IDEA E-Biz Forum in St. Louis, MO.


NEMA, working with NAED, turned over ownership and management of the eBusiness Standards Committee to IDEA which evolved to the current IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC).


IDEA initiates Industry Retail Database (IRD) to meet retail chain and 1WorldSync (Formerly UCCnet) requirements.



IDEA completes asset acquisition of Integrated Software Systems (ISS). View press release

IDEA teams with Activant (now Epicor) to connect their solutions to the IDX network and enable the full integration of supplier data via IDW. View press release


IDX completes US Government evaluation, and IDW earns top security rating by Digital Defense, Inc.


IDEA Board of Directors appoints retired U.S. Army Brigadier General, Robert E. Gaylord, as the President and CEO. Read about Bob’s thoughts on leadership


IDEA and Trade Service Corporation end 10-year data sharing agreement. IDEA Board of Directors approves a new Strategic Plan for 2008-2011. Read the 2008 IDEA on a Mission cover story in Electrical Wholesaling



IDEA celebrates its 10 year anniversary at the 10th IDEA E-Biz Forum in Washington, DC.



IDEA releases the first Electrical Industry Attribute Schema to standardize descriptive product information.

View the press release

View the 2009 Electrical Wholesaling article “Big Schema Things”



IDEA announced a strategic partnership with Unilog Content Solutions to integrate IDW product data into a web storefront tool (formerly iCIMM2). View press release



IDEA launched the IDW Master Data Tool (formerly DMP) as a solution to increase data sync efficiencies for manufacturers and distributors. View the 2012 electroindustry article about the new product “Innovative Manufacturers Prepare for Digital Success”>



IDEA introduces the IDW Bands of Excellence program to recognize manufacturers that are providing robust marketing content to distributors through the IDW. View the press release



IDEA establishes an Innovation Advisory Council, comprised of innovative thought leaders in the electrical wholesale distribution space from leading distributor and manufacturer companies. Meet the members of the council