Industry Standards Committee

The following industry experts volunteer their time, energy, and passion to developing and implementing the highest quality eBusiness standards for the electrical industry.

IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC):

The Industry Standards Committee (ISC) consists of subject matter experts from the industry. The purpose of the ISC is to develop and publish eCommerce and data standards, implementation guidelines and recommended business process white papers that address the business needs identified by members within the electrical industry community and, ultimately, facilitate the efficient exchange of data throughout the supply chain. The Standards Committee is fully supported, governed and operated, as part of the Standards Business unit of IDEA, facilitated by the IDEA Director, eBusiness Standards, accountable to the IDEA President and the IDEA Board of Directors.

ISC Governance Body:

The ISC Governance body, consisting of twelve key companies (six manufacturers and six distributors from the US and Canadian electrical industry), who are responsible for reviewing and discussing any new eCommerce initiatives, business issues, or needs brought forth by the industry. Any standards development to be done is assigned to the appropriate sub-committee who then returns the final result to the Governance body for final vote.

ISC Subcommittees:

The Subcommittees are volunteer working groups assigned tasks by the ISC. Each Subcommittee has a focused purpose and conducts business as needed, or as directed by the ISC. Subcommittees consist of volunteers from the industry.

The three Subcommittees are: 

  • B2B Communications – Responsible for EDI, XML, Flat File standards
  • Data Content and Quality – Responsible for the IDW data standard (PDD) and best practices
  • Product Information – Responsible for UNSPSC, Schema standards

ISC Participant Profile:

Technical: Subject-matter experts (SMEs) for EDI, XML, and data caretakers. 
Channel experts in this role bring expertise and experience on their company's needs/methods for implementation and use of the data and transactions. 

Business: Product specialists, marketing, sales, executive level. 
These experts bring a broader business perspective, how the data and transactions impact the overall company, product development/buying/selling/financials/warehousing and distribution of the products.


IDEA Standards Committee Leadership

IDEA Director, eBusiness Standards

Mary Shaw

Standards Development Administrator

Brenda Maxwell

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