Next-Gen IDW User Group

IDEA has gathered a group of individuals who currently use the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) to participate in the new Next-Gen IDW User Group. The group will serve as a forum to collect insights about current user challenges, functionality requests, and user priorities to help guide the deployment and ongoing enhancement of the next-generation IDW platform. Ideal participants are familiar with the IDW and are passionate about making this application more efficient and effective. The group is open to both manufacturers and distributors.

What will the Next-Gen IDW User Group do?

  • Validate software business requirements
  • Provide feedback on deployment and configuration options prior to development
  • Participate in system testing for pilot deployments in 2016 and 2017
  • Recommend enhancements for future software functionality
  • Help prioritize the application road map

Next-Gen IDW User Group Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the Next-Gen IDW User Group?
The Next-Gen IDW User Group will serve as a forum for IDW stakeholders to collect insights about current challenges, functionality requests, and user priorities that will help guide the deployment and the ongoing enhancement of the next generation IDW platform.

How many members will the User Group have?
The User Group will have between 10 and 20 members, comprised of distributors and manufacturers.

Do I have to be a technical person to be involved?
Absolutely not. The User Group will include business and technical users who use the IDW to accomplish their business goals. 

Do I have to be a current subscriber to IDW to be able to join the User Group?
Not necessarily. While the focus of the group will be for IDW subscribers, the User Group will also benefit from insights of prospective IDW customers.

Will all applicants be invited to join the User Group?
Hopefully, but we may have to limit membership to make sure that there is good representation of both manufacturers and distributors, and large and small organizations.

How much of a commitment do I have to make?
The initial term is approximately 18 months, through late 2017. Each year, the group will have four formal webinar meetings to discuss and prioritize items.

Is travel required to be a member of the User Group?
No, travel is not required of User Group members.

Are there any confidentiality requirements to being part of the User Group?
All User Group members will be asked to keep discussions about the draft roadmap confidential and sign a short and simple non-disclosure agreement.