Automate the quote-to-cash cycle using electronic data interchange (EDI) – your customers get their order on time, and you get paid faster. 

The Industry Data Exchange (IDX) enables you to exchange eBusiness documents with your suppliers and customers faster, easier, and more securely than traditional Value-Added Networks (VANs) or paper-based methods. Purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, and hundreds of other business communications can all be sent securely and cost-effectively over the Internet, even with companies that aren’t EDI capable.

Key Benefits

Eliminate errors and redundant processes

Enhance customer service with faster cycle times and more direct communication

Automate tedious document exchange processes

Increase operational control with online document tracking

Integrate with the IDW to securely extract product data from your suppliers

Flexible, precise data exchange.

IDX offers one of the most flexible solutions for document exchange so you can quickly expand your electronic capabilities and increase your speed-to-market. You choose the ISP, interface and security software, document formats, and routing technology (AS-1, AS-2, AS-3), and we’ll accommodate you.

IDX Tools & Services:

IDEA offers value-add tools and services that can help you increase efficiency and your return on investment for our core applications. Click below to learn more about the tools and services available to distributors using the IDX application.


Automate order management with trading partners that are not EDI-capable by utilizing the IDX text-to-EDI conversion tool. CONEXIOM (powered by ecmarket) can help you quickly increase the percentage of orders that are processed electronically, which in turn, will increase the productivity of your customer service reps.

IDX Managed Services

The IDX Managed Services enables you to conduct and expand your EDI operations without the need to hire additional staff or purchase new software. IDEA offers à la carte service options such as EDI Mapping and Managed AS2 Connections so you only pay for what you need.  See the full list of à la carte service options below.



The EDIPro is a set of electronic data interchange (EDI) guidelines to help manufacturers and distributors conduct EDI seamlessly. It’s a subset of the ANSI X12 specifications and one of the largest EDI standards available. EDIPro guidelines are used to automate business processes, send and receive EDI documents through the IDX, and import/export product information to/from the IDW. These guidelines reduce the time and effort it takes to become EDI-capable and help to integrate electronic processes with business systems such as Epicor, Infor, Mincron, SAP and Oracle.

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Net Price

IDEA developed four standardized net price exchange methods for manufacturers to securely send confidential pricing to their trading partners. Using one of these methods, you can reduce the time and money spent on data manipulation and streamline the quote-to-cash process.

Watch the Net Price Training Video

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Net Price Exchange Methods

Simple Net Flat File through the IDW: simple Net Flat File loaded into IDW for a specific distributor for normal download process

EDI to distributor’s IDW FTP folder: uses IDX  to translate an EDI 845 doc to a Flat File format, then the Flat File is delivered to a distributor’s IDW FTP folder

EDI 845: transmits net pricing information to distributors through an EDI document

EDI to distributor’s IDW FTP folder: uses IDX to translate an EDI 845 doc to a Flat File format, then the Flat File is delivered to a distributor’s IDW FTP folder


Is my company too small to benefit from EDI?

IDEA offers EDI solutions that can benefit any company, any size. Even if your business does not require a high volume of transactions, EDI can help you remain viable when working with large suppliers. Suppliers often mandate EDI to conduct business with them, plus automating business processes can help strengthen your supplier and customer relationships; some suppliers even offer incentive discounts to distributors that set up an EDI connection with them.


If you don't have the technical knowledge or capacity to fulfill all your EDI needs, IDEA can fill in the gaps with our IDX Managed Services.

Does the IDX require specific software to transact EDI?

No. To ensure maximum choice and flexibility, you can select AS-1, AS-2, AS-3 or FTP software to connect to IDX. The software you choose will need to meet the established IDX requirements and be configured to communicate with the IDX network. IDEA can suggest software vendors with whom we have special arrangements. 

What is needed to integrate my business system with the IDX?

Your business system can be integrated with the IDX if it is able to programmatically import and export data. IDEA offers out-of-the-box maps for the most popular business systems and can help build custom maps to meet your specific business system requirements. You will also need a file transfer protocol (FTP) process in place to send and receive data from your IDX mailbox. 

How do I know which business processes to automate using EDI?

Put some key business metrics in place so you can spot the manual processes that are consuming the most time and resources and/or those that span organizational boundaries and target them for EDI automation. Doing so can make your business more sustainable and will lead to a more efficient use of your resources.

How should I prioritize which suppliers and customers to set up EDI connections with?

When deciding the suppliers and customers you would like to convert to an automated process, look for high-volume, high-frequency companies and/or those who are line or labor-intensive. 

Do I need to be EDI-enabled to use the IDX?

No. If you are not EDI capable, XML and Flat File formats may be used to send information to and from the IDX. In addition, we provide web form templates based on the most common ANSI X12 transaction sets. Once you provide your technical information, IDEA can map your transaction into EDI.


If you are EDI capable but your trading partner is not, you can use Conexiom (powered by ecmarket) to convert their manual orders to an EDI process without forcing them to change their business processes or invest in new technology. Conexiom is integrated with the IDX network and enables you to seamlessly map various EDI document types to your business system, helping to quickly increase the percentage of your orders that are processed electronically and dramatically increasing the productivity of your customer service reps.

Can I automate the transmission and processing of special pricing authorization (SPA) claims and credits with the IDX?

Yes, the entire SPA process can be automated using the IDX. The IDEA Industry Standards Committee developed the standards for formatting SPA documents in the EDI and Flat File formats. You can get more information about SPA practices at

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