Savance Enterprise is an all-inclusive ERP software package created specifically for Electric Wholesale Distributors. Savance Enterprise empowers the modern distributor to maximize profits, win more sales, improve workflow, and eliminate redundant processes. Privately owned and operated for 19 years with a strong dedication to helping our customers grow, Savance Enterprise is different.


The RepFiles NAED Edition app gives distributor salespeople access to their suppliers' latest sales and marketing content anytime, anywhere. The app is free to download and available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.


Kalypso is a global consulting firm, helping clients deliver better results from innovation in a digital world. The firm delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities across strategy, operations and technology to improve innovation performance.


Digital Yalo is a full service marketing agency that transforms brands by injecting soul and passion into their digital presence.  Inspiration is drawn from music, sports, art, and entertainment to ensure brands set themselves apart from competition and achieve results.


VisionThree is an interactive creative agency specializing in unique and powerful digital solutions that tell stories. Whether training, education, marketing or entertainment – VisionThree creates experiences that help our clients communicate. Key solutions include: virtual and augmented reality, marketing and sales application for both touch screens and tablets, and custom experiences created just for you.   


At TriggerPoint Media, we provide smart business tools designed to help companies bridge the gap between sales and marketing and address the dreaded return on invest question. Our Digital Signage and Data iQ solutions allow our clients to bring their messages to life, make real-time content updates nation-wide, validate marketing initiatives, and make data-driven decisions. Our goal is to help our client’s run smarter businesses.


Snap36 is the complete solution for 360° product photography. Snap36 provides photography services in-house at the Snap36 studio and on-site at the customer's location, as well as equipment solutions for customers that have their own in-house studio. As a recognized market leader in high-volume 360° product photography, Snap36 uses robotic equipment and workflow software to automate image capture more efficiently than traditional photography processes.


DDS is a data-as-a-service provider helping distributors by delivering enhanced e-commerce product content as well as technology-driven data management solutions.  


As a leader in cloud-based integration and data management solutions, Liaison helps businesses overcome today’s toughest data challenges while building a robust foundation from which to tackle tomorrow’s. From complex integration to data management to big data, our secure solutions break down data silos, reduce inefficiencies, and uncover actionable insights. Founded in 2000, Liaison serves over 7,000 customers in 46 countries with offices in the United States, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Singapore.


ElectricSmarts disperses Manufacturer information such as videos, new products, eCatalogs, IDW data via its Network Partners throughout the industry to prequalified users, specifiers, contractor and sellers. Its sister company NetPak, featuring NetPricer is the industry's original electronic pricing service. It is built into all Contractor estimating software systems and enables AutoSync'd Distributor-to-Contractor bid pricing in seconds 24/7.


Stibo Systems is a global leader in Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.  As a recognized leader by Gartner, Forrester, Ventana Research and many others, Stibo Systems is the vendor of choice of successful, data-driven industry leaders including GE, Sears, Siemens, Target and Thule.  Our customers rely on us to link their customer, product, supplier and other informational assets and streamline the process of gathering, managing and sharing business intelligence across the enterprise using a single MDM platform. Over the last 30 years, we have helped organizations in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, travel & hospitality, automotive, CPG, healthcare, and grocery industries manage master data on a global scale. Influencers in these industries acknowledge our award-winning solution for its functional richness, strong data modeling and powerful workflow capabilities.

DATAgility is an award winning product data management services provider that believes in concentrating our core capabilities with outstanding products and services to provide the best possible solution for our customers. DATAgility focuses on all things related to high quality product data content.  Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, we can help you improve your overall product data content; from product details listed on your website to back-end data used to run your business systems most efficiently. Our professional team has over 100 years of combined electrical & automotive industry experience, actively participates data standard creation, and has worked with hundreds of manufacturers and distributors to provide high quality data services that have helped companies achieve significant sales growth, strengthen brand loyalty, and accelerate ROI for PIM, ERP, and ecommerce systems. Our deep industry knowledge and experience sets us apart from our competition. Data management can be tough.  We are passionate about giving you the quality data you need to sell more stuff!


XOLogic is a web based solution bridging manufacturers and distributors data needs with online and instore solutions. XOLogic combined with IDEA data allows customers the convenience to research and buy products on-line at any time and from anywhere. Helping manufacturers and distributors compete in an ever changing online world.


Hawk Search offers the Hawk Digital Experience Suite, which delivers a complete e-merchandising solution of intelligent site search, predictive product recommendations, and personalization. For over 300 B2B and B2C eCommerce sites, this technology drives an optimized shopping experience tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

Hawk Search 

Conexiom® allows manufacturers and distributors to focus on serving customers and managing supplier relationships instead of entering data. The patent-pending Conexiom solution was created by ecmarket, a cloud solutions developer. Conexiom revolutionizes critical sales and accounting business practices by automating manual entry with 100% accuracy. Conexiom effortlessly converts emailed and printed customer purchase orders and supplier invoices into automated sales orders and invoices, enabling companies to focus on driving growth. Conexiom helps organizations across the globe maintain a competitive edge.

FSI is an e-commerce and EDI Service Center that provides electronic data exchange services and portals for trading partners that want to transact with one another without investing in complex infrastructure. Since 1991, FSI has devised new ways for companies to automate and streamline their supply chain. FSI’s e-commerce services also include the Premiere FAX/Email-to-EDI and EDI-to-FAX/Email service in e-commerce, integrated EDI software solutions, Web-Services and Portals, catalogue management tools, ERP integration, EDI outsourcing, application-to-application integration services, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI or XML), and accompanying professional outsourcing and development services.