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Which Web Technology is Right for Your Company?

  • 09 Mar 2006

FLASH What it is: A graphics animation program written and marketed by Macromedia What it's good for: You can use Flash to create dynamic, interactive applications that operate smoothly and quickly because they reside on the user's computer and don't…

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Highlights from E2E

  • 28 Feb 2006

The world of neat electronic gizmos has its Consumer Electronics Show; the world of professional installers of such things has a twiceannual event, the Electronic House Expo; and the world of those interested in e-business and e-commerce has the annual…

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IDEA Acquires Data Synchronization Assets of Integrated Software Systems

  • 16 Feb 2006

Rosslyn, VA - Following approval by the IDEA Board of Directors, IDEA, an industry owned eCommerce service provider, today announced that it has acquired the Data Synchronization assets of Integrated Software Systems (ISS), a leading provider of web-based, dynamic collaborative solutions that enables data synchronization between suppliers and their trading partners within the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) via the 1SYNC Data Pool.

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Moving Standards Forward

  • 20 Jan 2006

Animal metaphors sometimes come in handy when it's hard to define what you're talking about - elephants in the room, 800-pound gorillas, that sort of thing. That was the case in a unique day-long meeting when 30 people from different associations,…

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The ups & downs of doing business electronically

  • 17 Jan 2006

Electrical distribution has a leg up on the rest of the industrial distribution world, thanks to the combined NAED/NEMA determination to fund and stick with the Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA). And distributors currently using the Electronic Data Interchange …

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Divine synchronicity

As a kid, I took every opportunity to skip church. One of my greatest scams was to stop by the church, grab a copy of the bulletin, and then head off to the park, a party, or wherever I felt…

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