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Technology Trends: The Internet of Things Market to Rapidly Expand

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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of objects that use embedded technology to function, or to interact with other devices or their environment. Everything from the management of manufacturing equipment, to remote health care monitoring, to operating a variety of fitness devices is possible through the fast-growing IoT. Recently, more tech companies and manufacturers have been hopping on board in preparation for what they believe consumers will look for in the products they purchase in the future: products that can be customized and connected. This week’s articles shed light on how quickly the market for smart home and connected products is growing, as well as how companies can begin to tap into this rapidly advancing trend.

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Brian Beverly Joins IDEA Team

Brian Beverly Crop

Brian Beverly has joined the IDEA team as System Administrator. Brian, among other responsibilities, will work to identify user needs, maintain integrity of the network and troubleshoot any problems reported by users.

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IDEA Announces Expansion to Industry Data Warehouse Standard

The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) announces an expansion to the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) standard. IDEA’s management and Board of Directors have mandated the population of a set of 43 critical data fields that distributors have identified as necessary to conduct business today. Manufacturer compliance to this updated standard will be measured as part of IDEA’s new Data Certification Program, the first comprehensive IDW metric for data quantity and quality.

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Tech Trends: Virtual Reality Becoming More Available to Public

Virtual reality is now being considered one of the next major technological developments by large consumer brands, such as Facebook and Samsung. Such companies have already made major investments and acquisitions to further develop virtual reality (VR) technologies and make access to VR feasible and affordable for a larger consumer base. This week’s articles focus on who is making moves in the virtual reality industry and what that means for consumers.

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EDI Expert Video Series Episode 3: What Are the Most Commonly-Requested EDI Transaction Sets?

In this week's EDI Expert Series, featuring IDEA's Manager, B2B Solutions, Tom Guzik talks about the most commonly-requested EDI transactions. In each installment, we will bring you answers to frequently asked questions about electronic data interchange (EDI) for users and non-users alike. If you have any questions you would like answered in a future segment, submit your topic to

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IDEA Announces Leadership Transition

  • 05 Aug 2014

The IDEA Board of Directors, chaired by Jack Carlson, president of Southwire’s North American Business, announced today that president and CEO Bob Gaylord has stepped down to pursue other areas of interest.

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IMARK Now article - The Drive for Data: A Manufacturer’s Perspective

  • 30 Jul 2014

In this article from IMARK's IMARK Now, manufacturers share their insights and best suggestions for how distributors can work with them to cultivate data that is timely, accurate, and reliable. The discussion includes the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), the SAID elements, and IDEA's Innovation Advisory Council.

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