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electroindustry Magazine - Data Certification Program Responds to Needs

Sloppy or outdated product data can make your trading partners less willing to do business with you, ultimately costing you sales and negatively impacting your brand. On the other hand, sharing complete and current pricing and marketing content from the start reduces errors and unnecessary operational expenses. Distributors and end users value manufacturers who make their jobs easier, and with continuously improved and well-maintained product information, they can sell more of your products.

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Demystifying the IDW: The 43 Critical Fields and Beyond

Over the last few years, the industry’s focus has been primarily on the 43 critical data fields within the IDW – the fields housing basic “must-have” data, e.g., size, weight, spec sheets, etc. In actuality, the IDW has more than 350 data fields available for manufacturers to provide more in-depth information, differentiate their brand, and showcase their products as they see fit.

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