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Sync or Sink: Estimates Go Better When Bid Partners Speak The Same Language

Quality product data improves business efficiency, establishes trust among parties within the electrical supply chain, helps promote the product, and wins contractor bids. With the growing world of eCommerce and the rise in electronic communications, ElectricSmarts’ NetPak, and its access to IDEA’s IDW, are what players in the electrical industry need to sync not sink

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Is Your Data Clean? Why Non-Sourced Data is Better Data

Is Your Data Clean?

Product data is essential to running a business – it feeds external channels through web stores, quotes, and bids, and internal channels through ERP systems and inventory management. Both internal and external processes work most efficiently when that data is up-to-date. The more access internal staff and external customers have to accurate information about a manufacturer’s products and services, the better.

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How IDEA and the IDW Assist Manufacturers with Brand Management and Speed to Market

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As technology and business practices continue to evolve, so, too, do customers’ buying habits, and companies are finding new avenues, both online and offline, through which to display their products to those customers. Suddenly, the way your brand is maintained digitally is just as important as more traditional marketing platforms. Through a subscription to the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) for Manufacturers Annual Support Program (IDW-M), you can access tools that can help you make your product point-of-sale data and digital marketing assets look their best.

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Eliminating Weak Links Through Product Data Quality Checks

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Data quality is only as strong as its weakest link. As such, the quality of URLs, or the links to a manufacturer’s images and documents, is key to IDEA’s Data Certification Program. Having up-to-date URLs linking to the latest version of a manufacturer’s product information (e.g., specification sheets, installation videos, marketing images, etc.) is critical when conducting eCommerce.

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