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Infographic: Forward Movement in 2013

The industry saw a lot of eBusiness progress in 2013 as part of the Innovating for the Future Plan. We are proud to present the enhancements made to the IDW in the past year with an infographic. Highlights include 20,000+ new products added to the IDW and up to a 400% improvement in data quality for manufacturer product information, along with other initiatives that have saved time and money for both manufacturers and distributors. Thanks to our customers and partners for making this progress possible; we look forward to announcing more accomplishments in 2014!

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Top 10 Topics of 2013

Did you miss some of our top articles from 2013? We've recapped our most popular articles that interested our newsletter subscribers. The top two include the controversial topic of how manufacturers can benefit from linking their products to non-specific UPC numbers, and a message from our president about recent IDW product content enhancements.

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IDEA Announces 2013 IDW Bands of Excellence Criteria and the New Banded Electrical Manufacturers

IDEA, the official technology service provider of the electrical industry, announces the new 2013 criteria for the IDW Bands of Excellence and the new banded manufacturers. The 2013 bands have been tightened from the original ranges defined in 2012 to more closely align with the NAED Supplier Scorecards. The manufacturers recognized this year are providing essential marketing content (SAID elements: spec sheets, attributes, images, descriptions) for 85-100% of their stock products.

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