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Technology Trends: Google I/O

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I/O is Google’s annual conference at which its leaders announce their latest developer products and services. The amount of new technology introduced this year was almost overwhelming. From mobile payments to the Internet of Things (IoT) to virtual reality, Google is integrating itself with the modern consumer experience in a myriad of ways. This week, we bring you some highlights from the event and what these new offerings could mean for your marketing efforts.

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IDEA’s Recap of 2015 NEECOM Spring Conference


IDEA attended the 2015 New England Electronic Commerce (NEECOM) Spring Conference May 6-7th in Westborough, MA to interact with, and learn from, the members and mentors of the electronic data interchange (EDI) industry. The conference covered multiple topics, from how EDI is impacting the future of healthcare, to EDI supply chain relationships with Asian trading partners.

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Technology Trends: Computer Chips

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As technological innovation continues to grow, our computers have shrunk and processing speeds have increased. Big data, cloud services, and the Internet of Things are creating greater needs for faster computers, and there has been a push in the tech industry to create the next evolution of computer chips. For example, there have recently been several developments in this area, from chips that use infrared light to computers that cost $9. This week, we highlight the latest advancements in computer chips from developers.

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Technology Trends: The Internet of Things Market to Rapidly Expand

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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of objects that use embedded technology to function, or to interact with other devices or their environment. Everything from the management of manufacturing equipment, to remote health care monitoring, to operating a variety of fitness devices is possible through the fast-growing IoT. Recently, more tech companies and manufacturers have been hopping on board in preparation for what they believe consumers will look for in the products they purchase in the future: products that can be customized and connected. This week’s articles shed light on how quickly the market for smart home and connected products is growing, as well as how companies can begin to tap into this rapidly advancing trend.

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