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ISC Updates Q1 2017

The Industry Standards Committee (ISC) met in early 2017 to discuss efforts to better address the needs of today’s electrical market and how to meet international data quality needs.

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Q&A with ISC Subcommittee Members: Why Standards Matter


Recently, IDEA hosted its Industry Standards Committee (ISC) subcommittee meetings at its headquarters, located in Arlington, VA. At the second meeting since the restructuring of the ISC, the team was entrenched in developing and updating data and eCommerce standards and guidelines. We took some time to speak with three representatives from the committee to learn why they joined, and why they think standards are essential to our industry.

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IDEA Industry Standards Committee Working Sessions Recap

ISC Meeting Recap Banner

Last week, industry members gathered at IDEA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia for the first IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC) meeting of 2015. Twenty-eight manufacturers and distributors were present to learn about the recent restructuring of the committee, and to participate in subcommittee working sessions.

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Top 10 Topics of 2013

Did you miss some of our top articles from 2013? We've recapped our most popular articles that interested our newsletter subscribers. The top two include the controversial topic of how manufacturers can benefit from linking their products to non-specific UPC numbers, and a message from our president about recent IDW product content enhancements.

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