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How IDEA and the IDW Assist Manufacturers with Brand Management and Speed to Market

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As technology and business practices continue to evolve, so, too, do customers’ buying habits, and companies are finding new avenues, both online and offline, through which to display their products to those customers. Suddenly, the way your brand is maintained digitally is just as important as more traditional marketing platforms. Through a subscription to the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) for Manufacturers Annual Support Program (IDW-M), you can access tools that can help you make your product point-of-sale data and digital marketing assets look their best.

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Green Series: Wind Power

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The last decade has seen corporate attention begin to shift toward more environmentally conscious business practices. Whether motivated by profit through tax incentives and “green” marketing opportunities, or by corporate social responsibility efforts, we can expect to see more advancement in this area over the course of the next decade. In this new series, we will explore different “green” initiatives and energy sources, giving a basic overview of how each functions, who is using them, and why.

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