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Technology Trends: Digital Payments

Mobile Payments _ cropped

Mobile payment transactions and point-of-sale applications have been on the horizon for the past few years and are gaining even more traction lately, as several major companies hop onboard. For example, Apple Pay just entered the mobile payment market this fall, joining the ranks of others such as PayPal and Square. But are the benefits of mobile payment worth the challenges? This week, we take a look at a rising trend in the personal and corporate purchasing experience.

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Your Digital Domain

The cover story of the March issue of Electrical Wholesaling magazine shares how distributors are embracing new technology and digital marketing. According to the article, distributors should not risk missing out on the competitive advantage. The electronic equivalent of traditional methods for distributing information to customers can offer numerous benefits for field sales support, customer engagement and supply chain coordination.

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Explore the New IDW 3.0 Interface

­ Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) customers can now explore Version 3.0 using their current username and password. The new interface helps manufacturers prioritize and track data synchronization progress, while adding visibility to their efforts. For distributors, the new interface provides convenient manufacturer-load…

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