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5 Ways Product Data Affects eCommerce SEO

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Organic search results – the websites that appear in search engine results because of their relevance to the entered search terms - drive the majority of web traffic. To ensure your site appears in organic searches, you need to consider search engine optimization (SEO). So how exactly does product data contribute to your SEO?

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Integrating Technology and Millennials Into the Workplace

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The electrical industry has seen how technology is rapidly changing the way business is done, with different methods now used to interact with and support customers. What's more: a new workforce - the millennial generation - is flowing into the industry. In April, tED Magazine hosted its monthly Twitter #tEDChat to discuss what keeps you - members of the electrical industry - up at night. In this article, we speak with a few of the #tEDChat participants and make some suggestions for integrating new industry members and technology into the channel.

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