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Finders-Keepers: How You Can Use Attributes to Make Sure Your Customers Can Find Your Products

For the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), distributors have requested that manufacturers provide the brand name and a minimum of four additional attributes for each product they sell. Susan Streich, Manager, Wholesale Data Services, explains why normalized attributes are key to increasing visibility and ensuring that your products appear in search results.

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Infographic: Forward Movement in 2013

The industry saw a lot of eBusiness progress in 2013 as part of the Innovating for the Future Plan. We are proud to present the enhancements made to the IDW in the past year with an infographic. Highlights include 20,000+ new products added to the IDW and up to a 400% improvement in data quality for manufacturer product information, along with other initiatives that have saved time and money for both manufacturers and distributors. Thanks to our customers and partners for making this progress possible; we look forward to announcing more accomplishments in 2014!

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