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eCommerce Best Practices: The Data

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In Parts One and Two of our eCommerce Best Practices series, we reviewed the first two necessities for a successful web storefront: a great customer experience and a solid web platform. In this final installation, we will analyze the third, ever-evolving component - the data. A beautiful website and well-organized web platform are futile without the robust product data needed to operate an eCommerce store.

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eCommerce Best Practices: The Platform

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In Part One of “eCommerce Best Practices,” we took a look at key components of creating a seamless and intuitive customer experience through your web storefront. We now go behind the scenes and explore characteristics of a technology platform that gives you the control needed to optimize web store functionality.

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eCommerce Best Practices: The Customer Experience

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A website has a mere 15 seconds to catch the attention of a web page viewer before they move on. The content in your eCommerce storefront must instantly attract your potential customer and allow them to quickly find what they are looking for. In Part One of IDEA's "eCommerce Best Practices" series, we explore four key components of creating a seamless and intuitive customer experience through your eCommerce site.

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eCommerce Best Practices: The Three Things You Need to Succeed in Online Business

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As commerce moves online, brick-and-mortar stores are beginning to realize that establishing an eCommerce presence will make the difference between sinking and swimming. The electrical industry has long been aware of the looming shadow of large online retail giants like Amazon and Grainger. However, despite the fact that people are changing the way they shop, they have not changed the way they want to feel when they shop; customers still desire the personal and knowledgeable experience they are accustomed to receiving when walking into a physical shop. In this three-part series, we will walk through three essential components of a successful eCommerce site: the customer experience, your website’s engine, and the data. Each piece is equally important in the creation of a thriving site that will bring results and help your company succeed in the 21st century.

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