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The e-Enabled Company

Creating Business Transformation Through eBusiness Technology The use of eBusiness tools and strategies provide the opportunity for companies to sharpen their competitive edge in a myriad of ways — some very apparent, others less obvious and buried deep within an organization's…

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Stats and Stories

Take a "By the Numbers" glance at technology today: • 800 – number of taxicabs in Philadelphia that accept RFID readable credit cards or key chain fobs. • $61 Billion – amount IT departments in US companies spent on security in 2006. • $15.5 Billion – predicted 2009 figure…

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Meet Generation C

When you drew a fantastic picture or wrote an A+ paper back in grade school, the best place you could hope to show it off was on the family refrigerator. Today, however, the art masterpiece or A+ paper can be…

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