Publicly-Available Fields in the IDW

Distributors have expressed a desire to access “publicly-available” product data in the IDW for all manufacturers, not just those they are specifically authorized to view and extract. In order to meet this need, IDEA collaborated with the Innovation Advisory Council (IAC), consisting of manufacturers and distributors, to research and determine the fields that are needed. The IAC agreed upon the following five common fields that are easily-accessible on websites today:

  • Seller/manufacturer
  • Catalog number
  • UPC (1-5-5-1 - number for the consumer unit)
  • UNSPSC (product category code)
  • Invoice Description

Distributors that subscribe to the IDW at Catalog Level will now be able to access this publicly-available data from most manufacturers in the IDW (manufacturers were given the opportunity to opt-out of providing this information). This includes the manufacturers they were previously not authorized to access.

To begin using this product data, distributors can log into the IDW and select the appropriate button in their data extract jobs. This setting is found under the "General" tab of the IDW's "Data Extract" screen (see screen shot example below).

Distributors accessing this information will receive consistent and timely information controlled by the manufacturer directly from the IDW. All other fields in the IDW will still require specific authorization to access, including proprietary product data such as distributor-specific pricing and specialized marketing content.

Please contact your IDW Distributor Specialist if you have any questions, or if you are a distributor and want to know how to start using this publicly-available product data. If you are not a Catalog Level subscriber, but would like to access this data in addition to more than 325,000 products fully populated with marketing content, please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll be happy to help upgrade your account.