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Podcast: Exploring the Growth of VMI in the Electrical Channel

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a supply chain automation tool used to automate inventory management and order fulfillment. In this podcast, we are joined by Tom Hoar, Director of Sales, Datalliance, and Tom Kozak, President, Pan-Pro, as we explore what is driving the growth of VMI adoption within the electrical channel and take a look at how both manufacturers and distributors can enhance their VMI relationships.

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Climbing the E-Biz Mountain Part Four

  • 30 Aug 2012

Throughout out this four-part podcast series, we’ve covered vision, milestones, measurement, collaboration & communication and much more. In the final segment, reps from Cooper Industry and Border States Electric (BSE) discuss how eBusiness efforts shift over time and the impact of trends such as mobile.

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Climbing the E-Biz Mountain Part Three

  • 09 Aug 2012

In part three of the “Climbing the E-Biz Mountain” podcast series, reps from Cooper and Border States talk about the importance of customer input and team engagement, commitment and industry involvement, and actions you can implement.

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Climbing the E-Biz Mountain Part Two

  • 26 Jul 2012

The 2nd segment of the “Climbing the E-Biz Mountain” podcast series captures a discussion about establishing consistency and milestones, and measuring progress with eBusiness projects. Listen in as Cooper Industries and Border States Electric representatives share their secrets to success, and don’t forget to share your eBusiness accomplishments with IDEA.

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Climbing the E-Biz Mountain Part One

  • 12 Jul 2012

We’re introducing a 4-part podcast series featuring representatives from the 2011 Richard Buzun Award winners, Border States Electric and Cooper Industries. In this first segment, representatives from both companies discuss the first step to initiate a successful eBusiness project: Grasping the big picture by developing a vision, goals, and determining priorities.

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