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The Digital You

"I need more marketing content now!” This is a common demand made by customers, but is much easier said than done. During this webinar, we’ll help you determine ways to prioritize efforts so that you can build a strong web presence and create a consistent brand experience.

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Next Generation Data Sync: the DMP

Get an inside look into the industry’s new Data Management Platform (DMP). During this webinar, we’ll help you examine your current processes and challenges when syndicating data with your trading partners and provide an exclusive demo of the DMP, a solution that manufacturers and distributors are using to differentiate products and gain a competitive advantage.

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Automating Order Management

Find out how you can automate order management with your trading partners, including those that don’t have the technical or financial resources to conduct electronic data interchange (EDI).

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iConex: Capture. Transform. Deliver.

During this webinar, we’ll show you how IDEA’s iConex solution combines an innovative text-to-EDI solution with the Industry Data Exchange (IDX). This integrated application enables you to automate order management with trading partners that are not EDI-capable while leveraging the existing systems, processes and people you already have in place.

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iCIMM2 : From Search to Sale

During this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at compelling industry trends in competitor and buyer behavior and review seven best practices to help you maximize eCommerce efforts. We’ll also provide an exclusive demo of IDEA’s web storefront and search engine software, iCIMM2, to help you assess your current eCommerce capabilities.

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