Holiday Traditions from IDEA

Happy Holidays from IDEA! Every year, the IDEA team gathers together for a friendly white elephant gift exchange. We also sponsor and deliver gifts to two local families in the Arlington community as a holiday tradition.

The IDEA team posing proudly with our gifts from the 2013 white elephant exchange. This year's hot item was a Ninja® blender. 

What are some holiday traditions that your companies and families enjoy? Below are a few stories from the IDEA team:

"A tradition first started with my adult daughter Elisa when I was in the Army and assigned in Germany, then continued with my granddaughters Skyler and Nastasja, and now continued with our 7 year old daughter Haley, is making gingerbread houses. After I draw the patterns and Donna makes the gingerbread, the real fun begins when we start decorating with a huge assortment of candy (as we all eat our favorite candy pieces). We all love the sugar highs and smell of baking gingerbread as we argue over who decorates what and how…but most of all, we love what we created together." – Bob Gaylord, President & CEO

"Christmas time is very dear to my family.  On every Christmas Eve, my wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary.  In addition, our family celebrate the birthday of our third child, who was born on the exact same special day.  We annually host a gathering to share this special time with the ones we love." – Godfrey Day, Account Manager

"Every year, my family and I have driven down to a Christmas tree farm and chopped down our own Christmas tree. Each member of my family also picks out an ornament and gets our name and the year written on it. So by now, our tree is completely covered in ornaments! Plus, nothing beats the smell of a freshly-cut Christmas tree!” – Colleen Psomas, Marketing Associate

"My girlfriends from college and I get together every December for an ornament white elephant exchange, and are going on seven years now. Even though one of them has moved to California, we still Facetime her in and she ships her ornament in advance. Now I have a Christmas tree full of ornaments with great memories and stories behind them, including Justin Bieber, a frog bride and a ballerina mouse to name a few!" – Amanda Kiely, Marketing Manager

"Getting together with the family, fire in the fireplace, and watching Die Hards 1 and 2." – Rick Montoya, Account Manager

"My sisters and I have been building a snow house on our back patio since we were all in elementary school. It's gotten a little harder to crawl in each year, but we always make it in, light a few candles, and catch up on each other's lives. " – Jennifer Yi, Marketing Coordinator

"Snowball wars with the neighbors!" – Melissa Longnecker, Implementation & Project Manager

Thank you for your support of IDEA and the electrical industry in 2013! We wish you and your loved ones safe and happy holidays, and best wishes for the new year!