IDEA Acquires Data Synchronization Assets of Integrated Software Systems

  • 16 Feb 2006

Rosslyn, VA - February 16, 2006 - Following approval by the IDEA Board of Directors, IDEA, an industry owned eCommerce service provider, today announced that it has acquired the Data Synchronization assets of Integrated Software Systems (ISS), a leading provider of web-based, dynamic collaborative solutions that enables data synchronization between suppliers and their trading partners within the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) via the 1SYNC Data Pool.

"The ISS team is thrilled with the acquisition of our GDSN business by IDEA. Over the last several years ISS and IDEA have been engaged in a strategic partnership enabling GDSN compliancy within the electrical industry. This collaborative relationship and shared vision directly led to this exciting acquisition," said Steve Horton, President & CEO, ISS.

As part of the acquisition of assets, IDEA will retain ISS Data Sync employees, partnerships and obtain all current ISS customers and the 1SYNC certified software application, CERICOMX®. In addition to 18 electrical manufacturers that have been using CERICOMX® with IDEA's Industry Retail Database Service (IRD), Blue Diamond Growers, Tom's of Maine, General Tools, Kolcraft and Hasbro are among the hundreds of new customers that will be using CERICOMX® with IDEA.

"IDEA's exceptional leadership and proven ability to execute will provide current and future clients the technology and services to maintain GDSN compliant data, achieve ROI and other related benefits," said Horton.

In addition to becoming a strategic and operational partner with 1SYNC and the GDSN, this will enable IDEA to increase its involvement in the global data synchronization program to better serve its customers and deliver their product information to their end customers via 1SYNC and the GDSN. This acquisition also allows IDEA to be more active within the GS1 US standards management process.

CERICOMX® will be an IDEA branded product for supporting and uploading supplier product information into the GS1 Registry® via the 1SYNC™ data pool.

CERICOMX® facilitates activities and coordination among people responsible for managing product content. The solution's architecture allows for easy product classification and dynamic item attribute assignment.

"Adding these assets to the IDEA network and business model will fuel the company's growth. CERICOMX® is a significant complement to the solutions that IDEA currently provides. This will prove to be an important step for IDEA and we will continue the same level and quality of service that ISS has provided to its customers," said Mike Rioux, President, IDEA.

About ISS

ISS is a certified 1SYNC Solution Partner. CERICOMX® is 1SYNC Legacy UCCnet Synchronization Suite 3.0 certified and fully supports hardlines and CPG core, extended and class specific attributes as well as XSD communications. CERICOMX® easily enables any company seeking to synchronize data through 1SYNC to do so in a rapid and cost effective manner. ISS' user-friendly and affordable e-catalog painlessly enables retailers and manufacturers to exchange item and transactional data as well as to analyze movements within the supply chain. The standardized and synchronized data provided by CERICOMX® forms the foundation for more advanced e-commerce tools such as CPFR®, RFID, scan based trading and VMI.

About IDEA

IDEA is an e-commerce service provider jointly owned by NEMA and NAED. Developed to drive down supply chain costs, IDEA (, provides the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), a central repository of manufacturer product, pricing, and attributed data; the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) is an Internet-based communications hub that enables business trading partners to exchange business documents using EDI, XML, flat file, or Web form transactions sets; the Industry Retail Database (IRD) a central repository of manufacturer retail product data to meet retail hardware powered by CERICOMX®, CPG and GS1 US requirements and the Data audit and Certifications (DAC) Program to verify manufacturer data meets specification criteria to ensure data synchronization between business partners.