Innovating for the Future: An Aggressive Product Content Enhancement Effort

The Innovating for the Future Plan is an aggressive product content enhancement effort for the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) that addresses distributors' evolving needs in the growing digital economy.

During this webinar, we'll discuss the main focus areas of the plan and how each are enabling more efficient bids, sales transactions and eCommerce capabilities for IDEA customers. The focus areas include:

  • Pricing enhancements
  • Non-specific manufacturer UPC numbers (98-series)
  • Product cross-references
  • Links to contractor estimating systems
  • Marketing content for web stores
  • Hosted environment for digital assets
  • More granular product taxonomy
  • Normalization of digital content

Join us to learn about the exciting developments that have already been delivered through the Innovating for the Future Plan and get a sneak peek at what's coming by the end of the year!

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Speaker: Mike Wentz, VP, Operations, IDEA 

Guest Speakers: Mark Richards, Director of eCommerce, Leviton; Jeff Skiles, Director of Technology Support and Shared Services, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply