Introducing New IDEA Employee

Aneesha Mehra has joined the IDEA Leadership team as the Director of Finance and Administration. Aneesha’s responsibilities include managing finance and HR.

Aneesha has been in the finance and accounting industry for over 18 years, and has expertise in a variety of industries. Prior to joining IDEA, she worked in the audit industry, entertainment, advertising, manufacturing, subscription services and pharmaceuticals. She has helped many organizations reach their strategic financial goals through sales growth, strategic planning and her extensive experience with financial planning and analysis as well as accounting. Aneesha graduated from University of Virginia, is a certified public account (CPA) and has an MBA from the University of New York, Stern School of Business.  

Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria has joined the IDEA team as the Communication Specialist. She will be executing various marketing and communications projects, from brand management and advertising to public relations and social media.

Marjorie graduated from Wesleyan University in 2012. Her most recent position was an editorial staffer at a foreign policy magazine. She has been published in a wide variety of left and right leaning outlets, including The American Conservative, The National Interest, and Mic. Her commentary has been featured on BBC Radio, Fox News, Al Jazeera America, and Huffpost Live. She is thrilled to be joining the IDEA team!

Please join us in welcoming Aneesha and Marjorie to the team!