Making a Difference at Work

In a review of the top 10 companies doing the most to make their employees happier in 2012, Forbes summarized that high salaries and light workloads don’t necessarily result in happy employees. Instead, employee incentive programs, ample benefits, career advancement programs, and great work-life balance were the top contributors to employee happiness.

The entire IDEA staff gets together the first Friday of each month for a team lunch, and people volunteer to share about their personal interests (Nutrition Advice, Golf 101, Travel Tips, etc). In one of these meetings, everyone was asked to write down suggestions on what they would change if they were President for a day.

Staying healthy was one of the top goals. One of the great benefits IDEA already offers is a gym reimbursement program for health club memberships, weight loss support group or home fitness workout programs. To add to this program, IDEA participated in a company-wide 60 day Fitness Challenge. The winning team (pictured below) averaged the highest number of fitness hours throughout the challenge.

The 2013 winners of the IDEA Fitness Challenge (from left): Jennifer Yi, Marketing Coordinator; Christine Olson, Sales Representative; Kimberly Terrell, Accounting Assistant; and Tom Guzik, B2B EDI Solutions Manager.

Another top goal that resonated not only with IDEA employees, but also with our customers and partners, was dedication to charitable causes. At the 2012 IDEA E-Biz Forum, keynote speaker Erik Wahl created a Steve Jobs painting to be auctioned and attendees were asked to vote for a charity to benefit from the proceeds.

IDEA auctioned off the Steve Jobs painting for $3,000, and sent the donation to the top-voted Forum charity, the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief effort.

How is your company choosing to invest in employee happiness or make a difference in the community? We’d love to hear about it in the comments, tweet about your accomplishments, and highlight your cause in a future article.