Join a Committee

If you’re involved in the electrical industry and want to be a part of the standards process, we have a place for you. The IDEA Standards subcommittees develop and maintain industry specific eBusiness standards and guidelines, then submit them to the ISC Governance body for final approval. Standards and guidelines approved by ISC are made available to the entire industry.

IDEA Industry Standards Committee Anti-Trust Caution:

  • Participation must be voluntary, and failure to participate shall not be used to penalize any company. 
  • There shall be no discussion of prices, allocation of customers or products, boycotts, refusals to deal, or market share. 
  • If any participant believes the group is drifting toward impermissible discussion, the topic shall be tabled until the opinion of counsel can be obtained. 
  • Meetings shall be governed by an agenda prepared in advance, and recorded by minutes prepared after the meeting.  
  • The recommendations coming out of an IDEA committee, task force, work group or task group are just that. Individual companies remain free to make independent, competitive decisions. 
  • Any standards developed must be voluntary standards.

You can choose to serve on any of the following subcommittees applicable to your expertise, but are required to participate in a minimum of 50% of the meetings.

Get Involved!

Get involved!

Participation is open to all members of the industry; however, you must be a user of at least one of IDEA’s services. 
Please provide your contact information and indicate which subcommittees you would like to be involved with: