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IDEA helps hundreds of electrical distributors from more than 8,700 locations find the most cost-effective methods for running day-to-day business. Our application suite enables distributors to automate daily tasks, confidently display product catalogs from anywhere, and compete with national chains—making your life easier, your partners happier, and your business more profitable. Not electrical? IDEA can still help you improve your business.

Key Benefits

Transactional, packaging, and marketing data for over 1500 brands (IDW)

Download manufacturer-approved, standardized product data on-demand (IDW)

Leverage EDI technologies and services to automate the quote-to-cash cycle (IDX)

Track your order from start to finish (IDX)

Tools & Services

IDX Conversion Tool

Automate order management with trading partners that are not EDI-capable by utilizing the IDX text-to-EDI conversion service. This service (previously iConex) can help you quickly increase the percentage of your orders that are processed electronically, dramatically increasing the productivity of your customer service reps.

IDX Managed Services

The IDX Managed Services (formerly EDI Managed Services) enables you to conduct and expand your EDI operations without the need to hire additional staff or purchase new software. IDEA offers à la carte service options such as EDI Mapping and Managed AS2 Connections so you only pay for what you need.

What Distributors are saying

Jeff Skiles - IDW

Director of Information Technology and Shared Services

Kirby Risk Electrical Supply

We deal with over 100 manufacturers on a regular basis, and several thousand in total, so the only way we can be effective is to have a consistent source of product data. The IDW and the eBusiness standards and definitions that have gone into creating the application have been a huge help to us. Without it, we’d need 3-4 times more staff internally, and even with that extra manpower, the quality of the product data would still not be as good as what we receive from the IDW today. Plus, I like that IDEA goes to the manufacturer for the product data first; they should always be the #1 source.

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Lura McBride - IDW


Van Meter Inc

In the past, we gathered product data – such as images, spec sheets, attributes – piecemeal from multiple sources to get the full set of data we needed. But in recent years, IDEA has been working intensively with manufacturers to load more complete information into the IDW. The quality and availability of IDW product data has gotten so much better that I believe we may be able to move away from a hybrid data collection method altogether and get everything we need from one centralized location (the IDW).

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Greg Chun - IDX

Vice President of Information Technology


Cost and reliability - two simple words that are a very big deal to me. So much of our business is going electronic, and as we invest in the resources to support this shift, the competitive price of the IDX is a key factor. The IDX has been so reliable over the last decade that it’s mostly invisible to us, just the way we like it. The IDX seamlessly handles our EDI business transactions with little to no human intervention, and alerts us about potential errors before it becomes a major issue.

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Les Johnson - IDW Web Storefront Tool


North Coast Electric

We chose the IDW Web Storefront Tool because it uniquely prepopulates our website with product information straight from the IDW, reducing the time and effort spent aggregating the right content for our site. The tool enables us to reuse the same product data to publish customer-specific catalogs and create specialized websites for our lighting division as well.

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Art Cook - IDX



With EDI, simpler is better, and the IDX has made our EDI processes much simpler. We don’t need to think about the IDX - it’s just a part that works for us. Recent improvements, such as the IDX’s ability to track and display EDI documents as they enter and leave our mailbox, have further enhanced our experience.

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