Global Syndication Capabilities

IDEA will serve as the single source for product data to all Rockwell Automation distributors globally, paving the way for worldwide data syndication for other manufacturers. This global agreement is an extension of the product data syndication capabilities that IDEA has been refining with Rockwell over the last 20 years as their North American partner.

IDEA Connector is Built for Global Syndication

When the modern IDEA Connector platform launched two years ago, it provided the foundation for global syndication with multi-language and global taxonomy support. IDEA’s expansion to global syndication capability has been building since 2021 when IDEA performed a successful global syndication pilot for Rockwell.

Manufacturers + Distributors Benefit
from IDEA’s Global Syndication

As IDEA expands its global syndication capabilities to other manufacturers over the next year, the entire electrical industry will benefit. By providing all global trading partners with a single source of product data, manufacturers will experience increased efficiencies and cost savings. Manufacturers can thereby invest in providing more enriched product content, which will help distributors sell more products. 

“This supports IDEA’s mission to assume a leadership position in facilitating the exchange of complete, high-quality, commercial-grade transactional and eCommerce content, and serving as the electrical industry’s standards body.”

– David Oldfather, IDEA president and CEO

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