January 7, 2010

2009 Year in Review: Industry Pushes Forward Through Economic Slowdown

IDEA used 2009 as an opportunity to position our customers for success in the upturn many economists are predicting for 2010. Throughout the year we have implemented industry-inspired solutions, enhancements and service offerings that revolutionize the way trading partners communicate and do business. Below are just a few of the many initiatives accomplished as a result of your suggestions and feedback. We learn from you every day and are appreciative of your support and confidence.

Data Sync Platform enhancements drive efficiency

  • Released the Utilities Workstation, a new data editing tool within IDW that gives manufacturers the capability to quickly search and edit product data or correct minor data entry errors on-the-spot
  • Introduced a simplified authorization process in IDW for manufacturers and distributors to improve ease of use and jump start new eCommerce relationships
  • Added flexible item-level product flags in IDW to quickly respond to industry-wide needs for product status information (Flag 1 was defined as ARRA Eligible)
  • Enhanced capacity to integrate new product data into IDW faster to proactively meet the needs of our distributor customers
  • Added UNSPSC codes to IDW product data thanks to a tremendous collaborative effort by manufacturers and IDEA service partners
    • UNSPSC codes offer a single global classification system that can be used for: company-wide visibility of spend analysis, cost-effective procurement optimization, and full exploitation of eCommerce capabilities including the Electrical Product Attribute Schema
  • 270 new suppliers set up as IRD customers to synchronize and distribute product data to resellers via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
  • Successful roll-out of IRD CERICOMX ® product version 6.4
    • Enhancements increased speed of synchronization process and time-to-market for new product catalogs

Standards Committee makes history

Business Services department forms in response to customer feedback and desire for additional value-add services and solutions

  • Visited over 35 customers to better understand needs and concerns
  • Integrated and consolidated all account management staff to one department, teamed with product specialists, to be the single point of contact for customers, improve response time and provide value-add services
  • Created IDEA Professional services and developed new offerings in response to customer requirements

New education and training resources add value to IDEA’s solutions

  • Upgraded the IDEA Customer Portal to improve search and navigation capabilities, real-time customizable news and expanded contact information
  • Released new IDW eLearning training module, “Navigating through the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW)” to provide an overview of IDEA’s Data Synchronization Platform and walk customers through the most frequently used screens and features in IDW
    • Four additional eLearning modules are expected to be added to the Portal by February 2010 including topics such as the IDX Tracker, the Electrical Attribute Product Schema, net price synchronization, and synchronizing data using the IRD CERICOMX application
  • Published numerous documents to promote marketing products through the IDW Data Synchronization Platform and explaining step-by-step processes to enhance user experience
  • Mentioned or covered in over 85 trade news articles (print & web)    

Community outreach and going green

  • Focused on paper reduction through a tremendous increase in electronic payments, receipts and invoicing
  • Increased organizational involvement in community programs and charities

New direction for a new decade

IDEA is your business partner. We’re here to optimize the tremendous potential of eCommerce – streamlining your business and making it more competitive and profitable. IDEA is, and always will be ready to help the industry Unleash the power of e in 2010 and beyond.