January 11, 2017

2017 Data & eCommerce Standards Updates for IDEA Connector

Several updates have been made to the IDEA Connector platform and its supporting business rules and data standards in order to improve functionality and adapt to new requirements in the electrical channel.


New data fields will be added to the IDW by April 2017. Manufacturers will have the option to share the following URLs – for additional extended product information – with their trading partners through the IDW:

  • A wiring diagram for a product;
  • An installation video for a product;
  • Information related to the manufacturer’s Conflict Minerals Compliance;
  • A 3D rendering for a product.

These fields are not required, so they will not affect compliance, programmatic excellence, or certification within the Data Certification Program.

Business Rules

Several IDW business/scrubbing rules have been updated as part of the continuous effort to improve the quality of product information. Information for new products and updates to existing products that do not adhere to these business rules will be rejected from the IDW in a hard error upon loading. The following updates will go into effect in April 2017:

  • Image Filename and URL fields cannot end in .pdf
  • Filename and URL fields cannot end in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tif for spec sheets, brochures, or other technical documents
  • URL fields must start with http:// or https://
  • The UNSPSC provided must be an existing category in UNSPSC version 17.1001, 18.0801, or 19.0501


Changes have also been made to the Classification & Marketing Descriptor Model (CMD):

  • Attributes for the following categories were modified, and are going into effect April 2017:
    • 39121521 Motor Starter Controls
    • 39121601 Circuit Breakers
    • 39122214 Controller Switch
    • 39121001 Distribution Power Transformers
    • 39121026 Control Power Transformer
    • 39121027 Encapsulated Transformer
    • 39121029 Isolation Transformer
    • 39121616 Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    • 39121002 Power Supply Transformer
    • 39121028 Harmonic Mitigation Transformer
    • 39121032  Current Transformer
    • 39121025  Buck Boost
  • Granular categories were added for the following, and will be available in April 2017:
    • 39121311 Electrical Fittings – Service Entrance Fittings and Mast Fittings
    • 39121311 Electrical Fittings – Service Entrance Mast Kits and Accessories
  • The following new category was added, and will be available in April 2017:
    • 11101518 Talc
  •  Standardized Units of Measure were also added for common Attributes.

To access our business rules documents: Log in to the IDW, navigate to the top menu, and click Advanced > Information > Documents. There, you will find the documents available for download.

Data Quality

Adjustments have been made to the data quality measurements and reporting within the IDW. This was done in cooperation with the Data Certification Program in order to improve the usefulness of the data quality reports, and to align the Data Certification Program with the transition to the next-generation IDW platform later this year. These adjustments include the following:

  • Partial data certification results will no longer be reported. Instead, IDEA’s Data Quality team will poll a sample of a manufacturer’s products and review the entire sample, but will now report either 100% or 0% certification results. This reporting change will be phased in over the first quarter of 2017.
  • Only manufacturers whose items are 100% programmatically excellent (not “at least 95%”, as was formerly the case) are eligible for full data certification.
  • Data Certification Program exemptions for non-stock items are in place through December 2017, extended from their original Q2 2017 cut-off. Separately, the Data Certification Program exemptions for the repair/replacement items will remain in place for the foreseeable future>> Click here for more information about these exemptions.

If you have any questions about these IDW updates, please reach out to your Data Management Specialist directly.