November 29, 2012

3 IDW Tips for Manufacturers

The following tips are ones you might not have known, but could have a big impact on how you use the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) for the processes you employ often. Read on to become an IDW power user and optimize your user­ experience.­

1. Set-up Distributor Authorizations­

Distributor authorizations give manufacturers more security and flexibility with their product data in the IDW. All IDW manufacturer customers have the option to select which distributors get to view their different types of product data and can update these security settings at any time.

  • Company Authorization: select which distributors can view any of your product data
  • Pricing Authorization: specify price sheets a distributor can view
  • Class Code Authorization: specify product lines a distributor can access

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Select Authorizations under Advanced Options­


Summary of Authorizations­

Add and remove distributors to edit authorization status. NOTE: adding distributors in the “Class Codes” and “Price Sheets” tabs shown below authorizes them for all class codes or price sheets. To control authorization by individual class code or price sheet, you’ll need to click into the class code or price sheet for which you wish to authorize distributors. You can access individual class codes or price sheets by going to Advanced Options > Code Tables.

For example, to authorize by price sheet, go to a price sheet (located under Advanced > Code Tables > Price Sheet) and click the Authorizations tab to edit authorized distributors per price sheet.


2. Notify Trading Partners of Future Price Changes

Using the IDW, manufacturers can load future pricing without having to issue a new price sheet. Instead of having to create and upload a separate price sheet, you can edit the data in an existing price sheet with your new information.

The IDW Messenger can be used to notify trading partners that prices will be changing. A best practice noted in the NAED Scorecard recommends sending the notice 90 days prior to the change. As a manufacturer, easily loading future pricing and notifying customers streamlines the data loading process. With the IDW Messenger, instead of using snail mail or finding time to make a phone call, you can realize productivity gains by sending an email to partners within the system. You can send notifications in advance to all authorized distributors about a price change and a second communication when the new prices are ready to access. Sending your customers advance notice before a price change gives them time to make adjustments on their end which prevents them from losing margin and demonstrates your commitment to their partnership.

Select IDW Messenger under Advanced Options > Tools

Using the IDW Messenger, you can easily select distributors as email recipients.


3. Use Class Codes to Further Differentiate Your Products

For instances where the UNSPSC® code is not specific enough to describe a product, manufacturers can use class/sub-class codes to further refine product classification. For example, the UNSCPC code for incandescent lamps may not be specific enough because the product could be a down light or chandelier, and this information may be useful for your trading partners. Class codes provide the flexibility to specify “Chandelier” as a class code and then add additional sub-class codes such as “Crystal Chandelier” and “Clear/White” to further classify and differentiate the product. A manufacturer can also use class codes to price and group similar products together. NOTE: class code descriptions are not visible to distributors.

Select Class Codes under Advanced Options > Code Tables

Create a new Class Code

Create multiple Class Codes and add them in bulk


All IDW manufacturer customers can reach out to their IDEA Data Quality Analyst (DQA) for demos and detailed instructions to master each of these tips. If you’re not an IDW customer, please contact to set up a demo.