December 1, 2011

4 Advanced Twitter Tips


You have a brand new Twitter account, but are you stumped about what to say and who to follow? Or maybe you’re looking for new ways to add value to your Twitter efforts? If you’ve read our previous newsletter article on how to launch a new Twitter, you have ­a great foundation in place to utilize the following 4 advanced tips to do just that.

1.    What should I talk about?

First, consider your communication goals and priorities. Balance the needs of your company with the needs of your audience to ensure that followers find your tweets useful and relevant, which in turn grows your audience as followers share your content. And, remember that Twitter is two-way communication. Start or join a conversation about topics that are relevant to your followers and remember your “netiquette” – credit sources and thank those whom share your content.

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2.    How can I use Twitter to network?

The great thing is that you’re already halfway there! By creating robust content, you’ve essentially made an identity for yourself by showing what subjects you’re interested in and will naturally attract others who are interested in the same (in reverse, tweet content that will attract your target audience). Retweets and mentions are other ways to casually establish connections.

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3.    How do I incorporate Twitter and other social media into my event?

Twitter is a great tool for creating buzz before, during, and after your event to ensure a lasting impression on your attendees. Promote a contest that rewards those who tweet about the event or conduct a poll on Twitter to get feedback from attendees. Twitter is also a great way to promote your speakers by sharing their Twitter handles and encouraging your followers to connect. Also, create a hashtag for your event and add it to your tweets to help yourself and your audience follow the conversation.

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4.    How do I measure the value of Twitter to my business?

Twitt­er developers recently ­announced the launch of Twitter Web Ana­lytics. Although it is currently open only to pilot participants, according to Mashable, the new analytics has the potential to track mentions/follows/unfollows and the impressions of each tweet. In the meanwhile, a plethora of apps and solutions by other developers have stepped up to the plate. We recommended TweepsMap to our Twitter followers. Not one of them? Follow IDEA on Twitter to join the conversation>

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Have some great tips of your own? Please share in the c­omments and let us know about your Twitter experience.