September 1, 2010

A Case for Quality Data: GS1 US Shares Bottom-line Results

The ability of retailers and suppliers to streamline operations, cut costs and squeeze out productivity gains from already lean operations will define who leads in this challenging economy. Synchronizing accurate data presents an ideal process for driving improvements along the entire supply chain, leading to real business opportunities for bottom-line results.

GS1 US collaborated with a leading hardlines retailer and several of its suppliers to examine opportunities in the industry. Its findings confirmed the potential for any company, regardless of size, to realize significant business impact when accurate data is synchronized, including lower freight costs, increased productivity levels, and improved asset utilization.

Both the retailer and suppliers recognized the critical need to work closely together for mutual gains, supported by GS1 US expertise and solutions that help discover untapped supply-chain savings.

Download the complete case study from GS1 US — “Getting bottom-line results with quality data.”

IDEA partners with GS1 US in developing United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes® (UNSPSC®) and through our Synchronization solution, IRD CERICOMX®.