August 27, 2007

A New Blog Created to Improve Information Flow and Profitability throughout the Electrical Industry

Channel Marketing Group and Allen Ray Associates recently teamed up to create the online forum, ElectricalTrends, to discuss the most recent industry news and hot topics.

The goal of ElectricalTrends is to provide strategic ideas for consideration as well as industry insight to current topics. The forum will also share input on current news heard throughout the industry and the opportunities and challenges that are out there.

Channel Marketing Group and Allen Ray Associates have close to 50 years of experience with expertise in strategic business direction, marketing, operations and systems, and pricing strategies. They will use their background and their network of industry contacts to keep the conversation timely and relevant.

Visit the ElectricalTrends Forum to read the latest posting and to sign up for email notifications. If you would like to confidentiality share information to initiate conversation or become a commentator on ElectricalTrends, email them at

About the Publishers:

Channel Marketing Group develops strategic growth plans and marketing strategies for manufacturers and distributors. From obtaining the voice of the customer to market research; developing annual marketing plans to design incentive strategies; from brand strategies to developing market share strategies, Channel Marketing Group can help you achieve your growth initiatives.

Allen Ray Associates helps companies improve profitability through effective pricing strategies and streamlining business processes through effective eBusiness utilization.

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