August 27, 2007

Accelerate the Sales Process with IDW

What is IDW?

IDW is a second-generation central repository of supplier product, pricing, packaging, and enriched information. Currently proven as the leading database in the electrical industry with 85% market penetration, IDW is well suited for other vertical markets such as PVF, Industrial, Data Comm., Plumbing, HVAC/R, and others. Members of the retail industry use our Industry Retail Database (IRD powered by CERICOMX®). All our databases are specifically designed to promote data synchronization and lower supply network costs.

Which manufacturers’ product information is contained in IDW?

Our electrical industry database contains 85% of electrical product SKUs. For a list of our customers from all industries, please visit our Customers section.

How do you obtain IDW information?

IDW information is available to customers on a 24/7 basis. The information is continually updated and uploaded by suppliers. Authorized trading partners are given a logon ID and password and can make download requests right off the IDW administrative web site (AWS). You can even schedule to have your data automatically delivered on a regular basis—daily, weekly, or however often you choose.

What is the format for IDW data?

IDW accepts manufacturer business information in any electronic format. The electrical industry standard is the EDI/832 format or the EZView/PIPE Flat File format. These standards were developed to enable the exchange of common data fields and terms between all industry-trading partners. Data output is in EDI/832 format, EZView/PIPE, or custom formats using the IDW map function. The custom map function allows distributors to create formats that are compatible with their software ERP programs.

For more information on data formats, please contact the IDW Data Manager at 703-562-4602 or via email.

What are the features of IDW data?

» Standardized business information, customized for the industry
» Uses standard 12-digit UPC, 13-digit EAN or 14-digit GTIN as item control key in IDW
» Feature-rich data includes: publication, effective and expiration dates, life-cycle status codes including “C” for UPC or EAN changes, historical tracking fields of replaced and replacement fields for both UPC/EAN and catalog numbers, product brand field, lead times, packaging includes dimensions (L, W, H) and weights, UNSPSC, complete manufacturer price data, currency codes, international harmonization codes, image links, plus much more
» Legacy columns include: 5 legacy price columns, product (commodity) codes, legacy descriptions and legacy cash discount
» Price group Codes (1-3) for discounts to be applied against another column
» Velocity Code for price matrix codes
» Net price/cost into stock
» 80 character-description field
» User-definable downloadable file size
» Download data by product brand name
» Distributors can turn-off their eligibility to receive a certain manufacturer’s data
» Distributor may limit downloads to only items with pricing. User-definable view-dependencies.
» Manufacturers do not need to store commodity codes; these can be mapped to their seller class codes right on the IDW administrative web site
» Manufacturers do not need to store legacy price columns; these can be mapped to their own pricing columns right on the IDW administrative web site

What are the benefits of IDW data?

» Data synchronization between trading partners
» Data accuracy
» Data timeliness, as manufacturers are frequently uploading new data
» Data availability (24/7/365)
» Reduced transaction costs
» Manufacturers send product and pricing updates once for all of their trading partners
» Distributors receive product and pricing updates from one source for all of their suppliers
» Built-in security that is easy to use
» Manufacturers control which customers have access to all or portions of their data
» Better data integrity through “scrubbing” techniques
» Custom map function sends and receives files in proper file formats
» eCommerce becomes more effective (e.g., packaging data can be funneled directly into a distributor’s internal warehouse system to allocate storage space for the product more accurately)

What training is available for IDW customers?

IDW customers have numerous opportunities each month to attend live training sessions or webinars focused on helping you get the most from your solution. We offer role-based training for both manufacturers and distributors a few times each month, as well as a monthly “open forum” session where we address the topic of greatest interest to our users, based upon their input.