December 6, 2018

Additional fields available in the IDEA Connector!

Did you know that IDEA Connector has several fields for ‘Related Products’ information? Each allows the manufacturer to provide information for products that are somehow related to a specific item in IDEA Connector. For example, the “Upsell Product Catalog Number” field for an item is for the catalog number of a different item within the manufacturer’s product offering that provides the same functionality but with additional features or benefits and that may also carry additional costs. Other ‘Related Product’ type fields are ‘Associated’, ’Substitute’, ‘Replacement’ and ‘Superseded’ Product Catalog Numbers. You can find more information on these fields in the (PAS) Product Attribute Standard v6.2 document. This document, as well as other great IDEA documents can be found in the IDW Documents section. Just login and proceed to Advanced, then Information, then Documents.

Manufacturers, if you have any of these ‘Related Product’ type fields in your data arsenal, we encourage you to consider loading them to the IDW now. Loading these fields can help your distributors sell more of your products and create add-on sales thus increasing your profitability and theirs. All can be loaded via the B1. And just a reminder, these fields are just some of the 500+ fields that you can populate in the IDW to arm your distributor partners with the needed data to market and sell your products.

Distributors, once loaded, these fields are available to be extracted via EDI, XML, B1, or via a custom map. In the IDW Documents section, you can find 2 documents on custom mapping. The ‘Mapper Manual’ is the instruction document outlining how to create a custom map. The ‘IDW Outbound Mapper Source Fields v06.00.02’ document contains all of the fields that are available to you in the mapper tool including these fields.