October 26, 2005

Allen Ray Associates Ltd offers E-Audits

Arlington, TX, October 24, 2005: Recognizing that lowering the cost of doing business and improving profitability in a market place where margins are constantly being pressured, Allen Ray & Associates, a leading management and process consultancy serving distributors and manufacturers, has developed an E-Audit process that sheds light on additional gross profit opportunities for distributors and manufacturers.

According to Allen Ray, Principal, of Allen Ray Associates "Through many months of research for IDEA, co-researcher Neil Gillespie of Channel Marketing Group and myself have seen first hand where additional gross profit is available for distributors. Depending on the company there can be anywhere from 2% to 4% gross profit is available for distributors. For manufacturers, it could represent .25% of sales.

To achieve these types of results, a process is needed to understand a company’s current performance, identify critical challenges, prioritize opportunities and seek remedies. The E-Audit provides distributors and manufacturers with a tool to develop a roadmap to improved profitability.

Allen Ray and Associates focuses on providing distributors and manufacturers with extensive support in improving their pricing practices, from developing strategies to ensure price synchronization to the implementation of appropriate pricing methodologies. Allen Ray, principal, is recognized as a thought-leader in the areas of pricing, SPA management from a distributor perspective and distributor ERP systems. Ray has extensive distribution and distributor software system experience. Recent projects with distributors have helped them identify strategies for reducing excess inventory; improve pricing systems enabling the distributor to identify, and quantify profit improvement opportunities; support distributor ERP system selection.

About Allen Ray Associates Ltd.:

Allen Ray & Associates is a distribution and manufacturer consulting firm focused supporting growth through development of pricing and processes. Allen Ray has more than 35 plus years experience in developing pricing strategies that enhance the bottom in multi channels of industries. For more information on Allen Ray & Associates Ltd, visit our website at www.allenray.com or contact Allen Ray at allen@allenray.com or by phone at 817-704-0068.