March 29, 2012

Are You at a Crossroads with your EDI Efforts?

By Barbara Prince, IDX Manager, IDEA

As the electrical industry continues to seek strategies to remain competitive in a global market, organizations rely on electronic data interchange (EDI) to improve their business processes through fast electronic transmission of accurate and standardized data. Companies must devote staff, training and resources to undertake EDI initiatives internally, but some organizations may benefit from outsourced EDI services.

Does your company fit one of the profiles below?

  1. A company that needs to devote their IT staff and time to an urgent company initiative or wants to streamline their business processes to optimize and free up internal resources.
  2. A small business with limited resources that needs to deploy staff more efficiently and focus on their core competencies. The staff handling EDI is doing so in addition to other priorities and may not be experts.
  3. A company whose trading partners are mandating the use of EDI, and has neither sufficient time nor resources to meet these demands on-time or satisfactorily.
  4. A company whose trading partners are mandating the use of EDI, and
    has neither sufficient time nor resources to meet these demands on-time
    or satisfactorily. Adopting new software internally requires
    time and resources to research and purchase a translator, implement a
    new system and train staff.
  5. An organization that has invested in a new ERP system and now needs to integrate EDI with new document formats and new translation maps.

IDEA recognizes the need in the electrical channel for additional EDI resources and understands many companies are at a crossroads. Businesses are deciding how they should upgrade software, invest in translators, and meet mandates from customers; and if they should do so internally or through outsourcing. IDEA offers EDI Managed Services to help companies that face one or more of the scenarios above.

EDI Managed Services enables you to conduct EDI without the need to hire additional staff or purchase new software. The service provides varying levels of support, from writing and testing new maps to managing trading partner relationships continuously. Mapping services are for traffic on the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) network, or any traffic that a trading partner wants to migrate to the IDX.

EDI Managed Services Levels of Support:

  • Level 1: On-Demand Mapping — IDEA develops document translation maps to EDIPro guidelines or to your custom specifications, and deploys them to the IDX network.
  • Level 2: On-Demand Mapping, Testing & Support — IDEA develops your document translation maps as above, then engages with you and your trading partner to conduct end-to-end testing. IDEA acts as your EDI help desk to answer your technical support questions and assist your internal staff.
  • Level 3: Full EDI Managed Services — In addition to all services listed above, IDEA acts as your complete EDI department to provide comprehensive consulting, mapping and translation services, and trading partner support. IDEA provides everything you need to maintain and add value to your trading partner relationships.

EDI Managed Services offers flexible options to support your EDI efforts, and can be customized to fit your company’s needs. Request more information>

As part of IDEA’s new educational Webinar Series, an upcoming webinar will focus on ways you can prioritize and expand your EDI efforts with more trading partners, and cut costs by automating more critical business processes. Please leave a comment or tweet topics and questions you’d like to see covered in this upcoming webinar, “Automating Order Management” (Don’t forget to mention us @IDEAeSolutions and start using the #IDEAwebinars hashtag)!