August 30, 2016

Authorized Request for Digital Asset Modification

IDEA can host the images of all IDW subscribers on our Digital Content server. However, due to potential legality issues and image copyright infringement within the industry, IDEA will not modify images provided to the IDW by any manufacturer without their written permission.

The current manufacturer’s “Master Customer Agreement” with IDEA allows us to store, reproduce, display, distribute, and otherwise use their data – including their marketing content – but does not allow us to make modifications (e.g., resizing, centering, etc.). The only exception to this is if we receive an email from the manufacturer with verbiage in it that clearly states that IDEA has been given permission by that manufacturer to modify their data and that also dictates what we are allowed to modify (e.g., images, spec sheets, etc.). A manufacturer may want to modify an image to improve its quality or to help it meet the programmatic excellence criteria within IDEA’s Data Certification Program, among other reasons.

In order for IDEA’s Digital Asset team to modify content:

  1. An email must be sent to IDEA stating that IDEA has been given permission to modify data.  
  2. The individual sender at the manufacturer must state that they have the authority from their company to grant this permission to IDEA.
  3. The individual sender must complete and submit the “Authorized Request for Digital Asset Modification” document (available within the “Documents” section of the IDW).
  4. The signature line of the email must include: the manufacturer’s name and the individual sender’s name, title, phone number, and email address.

Once the “Authorized Request for Digital Asset Modification” document has been reviewed and approved by IDEA, the manufacturer will be notified that the requested modifications will be made.

Please note that any work done by IDEA’s Digital Asset Team is billable at the hourly rate, with a one hour minimum imposed unless a manufacturer is an IDW for Manufacturers (Premium) contract customer and have free support hours to use. If the estimated modifications are greater than an hour, the manufacturer will receive a quote from their Data Management Specialist before any modifications are made. No modifications will be made without manufacturer consent to pay the additional fee.


For any questions about image modifications, please contact an IDEA Data Management Specialist, or email