August 29, 2007

Automated Deletion Management

The product change management program, part of the IDW2 upgrade, was implemented on Monday, November 13th.

Changes include:

– Two new Item Status Codes (‘K’ for unpublished items and ‘W’ for withdrawn items)

– Nine new IDW2 DVE scrubbing rules

– A new automated deletion management process.

The first clean-up step was to extract all of the items with Item Status as ‘D’ or ‘C’ and where the Item Status was older than 30 days. From now on, the IDW2 will perform daily sweeps for items to be removed after 30 days of exposure (for downloads) and these include those with Item Status of ‘D’, ‘C’, and ‘W’. The Data Content Subcommittee team of distributors and manufacturers established the exposure period of 30 days to allow for different users’ download schedules.

IDEA recommends daily or weekly IDW2 downloads for optimum data synchronization. Notification messages of items being extracted from the IDW2 in these daily sweeps are sent to each manufacturer and are also available for distributors if they wish. Check out messaging options under Users on the IDW2 web site.