September 13, 2012

“Automating Order Management” Webinar Available On-Demand

Submit your request to watch the recording of the “Automating Order Management” webinar featuring James Wilkinson, Director of Business Process Management, McNaughton-McKay as the guest speaker. Attendees received an overview of all business processes that can be automated such as the Special Price Authoriation Process (SPA), examples of manual vs. automated process savings, and learned about several industry solutions available to solve their EDI challenges, including the Industry Data Exchange (IDX), iConex and EDI Managed Services.

Here’s a few session highlights from our Twitter @IDEAeSolutions:

  • Options to conduct EDI with partners that aren’t EDI capable: ebXML Print-to-Image or iConex text-to-EDI service.
  • On average, you can save $32.68 per order if you automate processes with EDI and stop processing them manually.
  • 83% of webinar attendees say they use EDI for its bottom line results/better use of resources.

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All past sessions of IDEA webinars are also available by request on-demand. Once we receive and approve your request, you will be sent an email with a link to watch the webinar. And don’t miss the encore session of “Next Generation Data Sync: the DMP” coming this October.

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