August 30, 2012

Available for Sale in Canada? Let Us Know!


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According to an IDEA survey of manufacturers, over 70% of a manufacturer’s items could potentially be sold to U.S., Canadian or additional global markets. However, if a distributor is trying to identify if an item is available in their country, they’re usually only able to tell if the manufacturer provides a price sheet in their currency. With the new Country Code feature in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), manufacturers can specify in which countries a company or brand conducts business and designate Individual items as “available for sale” for applicable countries. ­

As an example, even with the absence of a price sheet, distributors can confirm which products are available to them by running a report on which manufacturers sell to Canada. Distributors can also run an item report ensuring they view only products that comply with Canadian standards. By marking the Country Code, manufacturers increase the visibility of their company to distributors and expand the market for their items to more countries.

Please contact your IDEA Account Manager if you have additional questions about the Country Code feature.

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