July 3, 2014

Best Practices Q&A: Loading Images into the Industry Data Warehouse

Distributors may use product images from the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) on their web storefronts, helping to reach end users and enhance their shopping experience. Therefore, the higher the quality of your marketing material in the IDW, the better your products will look to those end users.

When loading images into the IDW, certain guidelines should be followed to ensure products appear clean, complete and professional, appealing to distributors and end users alike. Below are a few questions and answers brought to you by our Data Quality Asset team, geared to help your company display your catalog in the best way possible through high-quality images. 

Q: What type of image files can the IDW accept?
A: .png or .jpg files.  If you are using .png files, they should have a white background; clear or transparent layers should be avoided.  The IDW no longer accepts .tif or .tiff files.

Q: If a product is available in multiple colors, should I provide a separate image for each color?
A: Yes.  Since the catalog is organized by individual catalog number, each product, including multiple color options, should have its own image.  Alternatively, an image may indicate “Representative Photo” somewhere on the image to denote a similar product or color.

Q: What size is recommended for images? Can IDEA crop our images for us?
A:  The size recommendation is 500 x 500, and the Data Asset team will crop your images to the best size and resolution, if necessary.

Q: Which backgrounds should be used in images?
A: If a product is white or clear, use a darker background, such as light gray.  Carpets, walls and other uneven or textured backgrounds should be avoided, and gradients should not be used.

Q: Is there an easier way to send our pictures to the IDW?
A: Contact your Data Management Specialist, and they can set up a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) folder for you.  You can then upload your images easily and quickly.

Q: Why does the picture in the IDW look distorted?
A: The box around the image frame has a size constraint of 375 x 375, though that is not the actual image size.  To see how the image will appear at full size, click on the image to open a new tab; the image will now display at actual size.  When a distributor downloads the information, they only use the URL or the actual image file.

If you have any questions or comments regarding loading images into the IDW, please contact your Data Management Specialist, or email idwsupport@idea4industry.com.

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