November 17, 2016

Beyond the 43: Product Descriptor Database

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The Product Descriptor Databse (PDD)** is the original set of transactional, basic product, and packaging data fields on which the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) was built; it is intended to be used by manufacturers as a guide for uploading product information into the IDW. The PDD helps manufacturers understand all the data fields that they can possibly populate in the IDW, and provides a standardized template for how each field should be completed and managed.

Below is a sample of fields found within the PDD that go beyond the 43 critical fields, which manufacturers can populate to better assist distributors.

Seller Text Information

  • Language Code: Field indicator of the language in which the description is offered, including English, French, German, and Spanish.
    • Note: This field is also found under Product Information as Packaging Language Code, as well as under Product Text Information as Language Code. Packaging Language Code is used to describe the languages used on labeling or instructions. The Language Code default value is EN for English

Product Information

  • Lead Time: Denotes normal lead time from date of purchase order receipt to shipment.
  • Lead Time UOM: Code to indicated the unit of measure used for Lead Time, such as DA (Calendar Days), DW (Work Days), HR (Hours), WK (Weeks), and WW (Work Week).
  • ETIM:  Manufacturers that already know their ETIM product code can share that information in this field.
  • Certification Agency: Within this field, Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN), and Eco (Ecolab) certification labeling can be added.
  • International Harmonized Codes: Duty and tax information for each item can be shared.

Product Text Information

  • NEURPIC Image Thumbnail: The primary thumbnail image for an item. Up to nine different thumbnail angles or views may be added to the item. The primary thumbnail image formatting guidelines apply (e.g., 100×100 pixels, aspect ratio of 1:1, resolution of 72-100 dpi, and file type of JPG or PNG).
  • Image Type: Refers to the type of product image provided by the manufacturer. There are three different Image Types: (1) Family; (2) Representative; and (3) Actual.

Additional Information

  • Updates: We recommend referencing the IDW’s Document Library periodically to be sure you are accessing the most up-to-date version of the PDD. Flat files uploaded to the IDW should have the same version number as the PDD layout version, to avoid an upload failure.
  • Accessibility: Access to the PDD is based on IDW subscription level. Manufacturers who are not Premium-level subscribers may purchase the PDD from the Standards store. Users can access the PDD document within the IDW’s Document Library by navigating to Advanced > Information > Documents.

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**As of article post date, the latest version of the PPD is Version 05.04. All updates in this article reference PDD v05.04.