November 5, 2008

Bob Gaylord to Speak at NAED Eastern Conference

Catch up with IDEA at NAED Eastern next week, in Marco Island, FL. Bob Gaylord, President and CEO, will provide insights on how you can reduce errors in your business processes to increase profit margins.

Session Title: “Protecting Profits and Eliminating Mistakes Using IDEA”
Date: Wednesday, November 12
Time: 1:15 – 2:45 PM

About the Session:
Even the best sales organizations can see their margins dissipated by backend mistakes and errors. This session focuses on how IDEA will reduce errors to ensure that sales increases go to your bottom line, not into a technological blackhole.

In this session, you will gain:

  • The opportunity to impact IDEA’s strategic direction;
  • Firsthand knowledge of new IDEA offerings; and
  • A greater understanding of how data standards can remove your company’s limitations.

IDEA will also conduct one-on-one sessions throughout the event. Come share your business stories and ideas with the electrical industry’s standards-setting, data synchronization and eCommerce service provider.

How to save your seat: Call Pat McCartin at (978) 454-7819 or Respond Now!

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