December 6, 2018

Certification Agency – Proposition 65 – Canned Report now available

Though you can extract ‘Prop65’ data along with other ‘Certification Agency’ codes via the extraction process, we have added a new canned report to the IDW which will allow you to hone in on ‘Prop65’ coded items only. The report is titled “Prop65 sent to End user”. When this report is run, it will return only those items that you are authorized for and that have been loaded to the IDW with the ‘Prop65’ Certification Agency code.

The report includes the data that the manufacturer has loaded to the ‘Certification Number’ field. Just a reminder that we have communicated to the manufacturer that the ‘Certification Number’ field was expanded earlier this year to 3072 characters to accommodate the need if the ‘Certification Agency’ code selected required a statement instead of a number.

If you need a refresher on how to run a canned report then follow these instructions: Just proceed to Basic, then Reports. Click on the Maintenance tab. You may find a list of previously run reports by a user at your company. If you would like to see a list of All Possible Reports, click on the New button. Then in the Type box, click the drop-down arrow. You will find a full list of available reports. Select the report that you want from the drop-down. In the Name box, type in a name for your report. You must then proceed through the various subsections on that screen and choose the appropriate options. Pay attention to the tabs in the gray bar near the top of this screen as they may become active depending on a choice you make in the various subsections. Don’t forget to Schedule and Save your selections. You can find your finished report by proceeding back to Basic, then Reports. Any reports that finished will be in the Completed tab.