May 26, 2010

Congratulations to Electrical Wholesaling on 90 Years

The independent voice of electrical distribution celebrates 90 years of publishing this month. IDEA is mentioned as one of the many influencers to change the electrical market since then. Read the “10 Trends” article by Jim Lucy, Chief Editor, to find out more.

Here are EW’s picks for the trends that have had the most impact on the electrical wholesaling industry:

  1. The electrification of the U.S. creates demand for electrical products.
  2. Acquisitions shape the industry.
  3. Distributor policy: How Thomas & Betts and Allen-Bradley set the tone in the early years.
  4. Electrical distributors learn from the masters and incorporate professional merchandising into their counter areas.
  5. The industry really did exist before computerization.
  6. Buying/marketing groups survive and thrive.
  7. The rep revival.
  8. The industry learns to blend clicks with bricks.
  9. The flow of new products helps distributor’s customers work faster, safer and more profitability.
  10. The power of the entrepreneur.

Read the complete article, “10 Trends that Changed the Electrical Market” by Jim Lucy.