August 9, 2012

Cooper/Border States Discuss Gathering Customer Input on Podcast #3

­­In part three of the ­“Climbing the ­E-Biz Mountain” podcast series, reps from Cooper and Border States talk about the importance of customer input and team engagement, comm­itment and industry involvement, and actions you can implement.


  • Samer Shehadeh, EDI Manager, Co­oper Industries
  • Lorraine Mott, Project Leader Electronic Commerce, Cooper Crouse-Hinds
  • Greg Thrall, Senior VP Operations & IT (retired), BSE
  • Jason Archbold, Marketing Catalog Supervisor, BSE
  • Sonia Coleman, Moderator

Sneak Peak of Segment #3:

“I’m going to step outside of the four walls of Cooper and just talk about the IDEA network of distributors and manufacturers; being a part of the Industry Standards Committee as Samer and I are, as well as Jason and Greg. We have quarterly meetings, and we all come together as distributors and manufacturers, again, for the common good. We talk about the things that we need. We talk about things that manufacturers need to do for distributors and distributors need to do for manufacturers. That communication in itself a lot of times comes back to the business as to how we then formulate our projects.”
Lorraine Mott, Cooper Industries

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“The earlier you recognize that this is a series of projects that become an ongoing effort, and not just a single project where there is a start and a completion; I think it’s going to put you into the right mindset. There are always new products that are in demand, always products that are being replaced, always new enhancements that are being demanded. So it’s not going away.”
Jason Archbold, Border States­

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The final segment of this podcast series will be released in our next eNewsletter. Thanks for listening!

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